Remodeling Process

We hope to have the opportunity to be a part of making your house, the home of your dreams.

 Get Inspired, Be Inspired

A remodel is an opportunity to reflect your personality and taste in your space.

While some clients begin the remodel process with some construction knowledge, others might approach it from a completely different direction. Where ever you are in this spectrum, it's important to start the process of deciding what you like and what you don't.

We encourage you to start a scrapbook or notebook of ideas. is also a great resource and offers pictures of everything from flooring to door knobs. You can create and save your own ‘Idea Boards’ on their site as well. Be sure to include floor plans and anything else that appeals to you, making sure to note what you like about those items. Research what materials and surfaces interest you. Be sure to check ratings, reviews, and read blog commentary to help narrow your options. If you have existing furniture to consider, take measurements and decide where to place them in the new space. This is an important step in assigning priorities to your project.

During this step, you can also start to define your budget or essentially how much you have available for your project. This is more than just having an assumed number of what you think your project can cost. It's more about having a realistic view which will help with expectation and quality of materials. This can be a difficult part of the process simply because it's in our nature to dream big. A budget is a simple tool that helps put the project into perspective.

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 In Home Consultation

Walk us through your project and what you envision for your re-imagined space.

We'll schedule a time to meet in person to have you walk us through your entire project including any wants and needs you have. A project can appear very different on the surface as opposed to what's underneath. This meeting helps by allowing us to see the space in question to get a better sense of the project including any hidden hurdles to consider. Unfortunately, a flattened 2-D photo of the space just isn't the same as viewing it in person. This is also our opportunity to ask a lot of questions and make any recommendations on elements of your project while addressing any questions you have.

After getting to know you and your project in detail, we'll take all of the information back to create an estimate with the detailed scope of work to be done. We prefer a bit of time to price out different options and materials to get you an accurate quote that fits your budget. During this step, we also start identifying any pieces that might require some additional attention or specialist like an architect, draftsman, or even a designer. If you've already consulted with someone first, we'd want to get any information they've provided or be a part of this initial conversation to help prevent any redundancy or overlap in service. This estimate will include a list of allowances for items like fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, surfaces, etc. which will allow you to dial in the level of quality you prefer.

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 Project Timeline

Now that the project has been defined, we can specify a tentative schedule.

Once you decide to proceed with your project, we'll work with you to decide a start date. There are a lot of considerations when trying to schedule your project but we'll work to start and finish the project around your time frame as best we can so please mention any key dates or times that we need to know about. We do appreciate any flexibility you can provide us to make the entire process run smoother. With the timeframe of most projects, there always is the chance we'll run into an unforeseeable issue that might affect our schedule. We'll do our best to identify these and communicate these items to you so we can best find a suitable outcome to stay on track.

Trust is one value that we take very seriously especially as we're allowed access to your personal space. Communication is one tool we use to help maintain this trust between us and our clients. Prior to the project, we'll provide you information so you know when and who to expect:

  • A Contract that both you and Ty will sign. This will include the estimated time frame of your project, as well as the payment schedule. A copy will be provided to you.
  • Tentative Schedule. Any changes will be communicated.
  • Names and contact information for our team involved in the project. Team members are required to wear Ty Nelson clothing for easy identification.
  • A copy of the courtesy card that is sent to your surrounding neighbors about our vehicles and equipment.
  • Names and contact information for all of the subcontractors related to your project.
  • List of preferred vendors used in your project for materials and services.

 Statement of Quality

A home improvement has the promise of a new home but it doesn't come without some disruption.

A remodel project can come with construction noise, dust, decisions, and disruption. We do our best to minimize these disruptions as much as possible to make it as positive an experience as possible for you, your family, and pets. Ty is committed to be available to homeowners to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise. He's available to remove any undue stress from the project so it's done the right way, not just the easy way.

It's not only about Building Home Possibilities, it's about building a trusting relationship so that when your project is complete, you're proud to show your family and friends the finished project and share with them the company responsible for the work.